About Kristen

As a little girl Kristen Mostowy would often play “little lawyer” with her briefcase and rolodex. She has always been moved by the legal field, specifically, helping people.

Her legal resume started to build when she was in college. The next 13 years were spent working for multiple law firms as a legal assistant gaining experiences in a wide array of practice areas before ultimately deciding to go back to school to achieve her law degree. She was able to couple the skills acquired during her legal administration career into a successful legal practice after graduating from Quinnipiac University School of Law in 2014.

Education Background

Sacred Heart University – Bachelors of Science in Legal Administration 2003
Quinnipiac University School of Law – Juris Doctorate 2014
Admission to Connecticut Superior Court – November 2014
Admission to United States District Court – July 2015

Kristen Mostowy has spent her career advocating for disabled individuals fighting for social security disability benefits as well as fighting to protect the liberty of people who have been accused of various crimes. A large part of her practice includes working with indigent criminal defendants as an Assigned Counsel attorney. Early on in her career she took on court appointed conservator clients to help them manage their finances as well as their healthcare decisions. Currently, a majority of her days are spent inside courtrooms across the state of Connecticut. 

As a compassionate, strong advocate for her clients, Kristen wants to expand this compassion-centered approach to the Litchfield Hills Probate District. The Probate Court needs a Judge who will be able to apply the law but will also understand the intense emotions comingled with these types of sensitive matters. Not only does Kristen Mostowy know what it is like to be sitting in the attorney chair, she knows what it is like to be sitting in the community member chair as well. When her parents both passed away in 2016, she needed to use the probate court resources and truly appreciated the compassion and understanding shown in the midst of such an intensely emotional time. Those experiences were eye opening, life changing and gave her a deeper understanding of what it is like to have a devastating loss. 

The residents of the Litchfield Hills Probate District have been very well served by retiring Judge Diane Blick who has taken a community centered approach. Kristen Mostowy has both the professional and personal experience to carry this approach forward. If elected, Kristen Mostowy is ready to serve the residents of the Litchfield Hills Probate District with the compassion and integrity they deserve.